We are Perspective. Fresh Vision. Purposeful-Design. Client Service.
These values drive us to achieve excellence in all things architecture and interior design.
Full of energy and a passion for design, Perspective’s team works side-by-side with clients to define a vision for their project. “A good idea can come from anyone,” says Jim Bruget. “Our job is to get all the ideas on the table and discover the best solution for the project.”
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The team has extensive experience in higher education, hospitality, health care, corporate and residential building projects. More than focusing on specific “market types”, our passion is to work on quality design projects within the community we work and live.
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Perspective’s design charrette is an intense period of discussion and brainstorming undertaken in a community in order to create a new, visual direction for that place. The process can involve collaboration among owners, stakeholders and the public with a team of design experts.
Purposeful Design.
Every architectural and interior design project has a story to tell. We take the Client’s Vision and transform it into a visual representation. Using design principles such as movement, light, texture, shape, balance, and symmetry, design decisions are made for a reason, not just because they look “cool”.
Green Design.
Blending green design techniques with solid design principles further enhances “good design”. It is not about hugging trees. It’s about being stewards of our environment and making decisions for the best long-term outcomes related to the project.
Client Service.
We engage the client in a process that is energetic, interactive, and visual-based. We sketch and draw, often while the client is in the room with us, and concepts begin to emerge. For us, it is about making the design process fun, engaging, and educational which in the end, results in an environment that achieves the project’s goals.
Using ordinary materials in extraordinary ways can be applied to a simple chair concept, complex roof structure or detailed artwork display.
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“Technology is great but sometimes in a charrette, old-fashioned trace paper, pencil, markers and sticky notes still work best to communicate ideas quickly,” says Ryan Kranz. All ideas are on the table, team members work around and through suggestions until everyone is excited about the proposed architectural concepts.
In October 2008, Perspective started the annual fundraising event, Paint the Night Pink, as a way to support breast cancer awareness and honor their friend and founding Perspective team member, Darla Jacobson, who at that time had just been diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer. “This event is a way to combine all the things that Darla loved; family, friends, art, fashion and most important, a chance to inspire other women,” says Larry Crane of Perspective. Since its inception, Paint the Night Pink has raised thousands of dollars to support patients and families like Darla’s in dealing with the devastation of breast cancer.

Perspective sincerely thanks you for your support in Paint the Night Pink. From generous sponsors, artists, volunteers and attendees, your partnership fulfills the Avera Cancer Institute’s promise to save lives and empower people by bringing hope and healing to those who need it most.
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Artists in Residence
Artist-in-Residence Program.
Art breathes life into building projects. Perspective developed an Artist-in-Residence Program, providing rent-free art studio space for a local artist within our office space. The goal of the program is to cultivate relationships with local artists to both inspire and be inspired. In July 2007 Liz Bashore-Heeren set up shop at Perspective, and in 2009 Eyob Mergia participated in the Artist-in-Residence program.
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