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This Place Matters – National Preservation Month

The City of Sioux Falls celebrated National Preservation Month during the month of May and participated in “This Place Matters” – a national campaign that encourages people to celebrate the places that are meaningful to them and to their communities.

Perspective was honored to be recognized by the City for its recent work on the renovated office building. The Illinois Central Railway Roundhouse, 525 N. Weber Ave., was built in 1918 but burned down within a year. A second structure was built in 1920 and functioned as a two-bay roundhouse for servicing and repairing locomotives until the late 1970s. Perspective purchased the building in 2015 and has restored it. The original large doors where locomotives would enter the building have been retained. An addition to the original building added two more bays.  Take a look next time you are on your way to Falls Park! #ThisPlaceMatters

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